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Bucks County Market Update: April 2018

Posted by Rebecca Nutt on May 16, 2018 in No Category
Another month has passed and we're observing the Bucks County market from April. Thanks to Manager and Director of New Agent Education Bob Williams, who thoroughly analyzes the market each month, we can take a closer look at trends in the Bucks County Market. There are only subtle changes compared to March 2018 and last year's April market, which is to be expected. A key, ongoing factor, however; low inventory. According to Williams,  "Inventory shortages continue to be the top-of-mind driver of... read more
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Bucks County Market Update for March 2018

Take a look at last month's Bucks County Market Snapshot
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on April 24, 2018 in No Category
Each month, Manager and Director of New Education, Bob Williams, conducts a report about the Bucks County Market. Below is a quick snapshot of March's numbers and statistics, including Average Sold Price, Closings and more! Bob stated that, "Through the 1st Quarter 2018, here is what our Snapshot of Market Conditions tells us.  Inventory shortages continue to be the top-of-mind driver of market action, both for Buyers and Sellers." There are some noticeable changes since March of 2017. According to Bob, as of ... read more
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Single Family Home Sale Prices Have Risen And Number Of Homes Sold On Pace To Top 20 Year Record

Sharp Increase in Sales Transactions Results in Shorter Days on Market and Low Inventory Across the Region
Posted by Rebecca Nutt on August 29, 2017 in No Category
Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS® today shared forecasting data and analysis pointing to record low inventory levels for single family residential home listings in Bucks County, countered with a record increase in sales that outpaces not only 2016, but the 20-year record high reached in 2004.Based on a recent summary of a recent Coldwell Banker Hearthside Full Year Market Conditions Analysis, which analyzes real estate transactions and year over year data in the region, inventory continued trending down as ... read more
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According to Coldwell Banker Hearthside’s Full Year Market Conditions Report, following is an a overall summary of what the data and analysis tells us: Bucks County is experiencing a record increase in sales and demand has far outpaced supply. The inventory shortage correlates to increase in home sales and faster time to purchase. Sales are happening at a higher rate of volume for two reasons: time to sell has shortened and consumer demand is high, which is causing a rapid turnover in inventory. Millennials a... read more
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